Grymestone Siamese



    We are a small ACFA/CFA registered cattery located in Northwest Indiana.  We specialize in blue point Siamese and plan to add other colors in time.  Our cats are raised underfoot in a loving home supervised by their Golden Retriever "Uncle" Sylvester whom they obviously adore. 

    I got my first Siamese when I was a child and have loved them ever since.  My son, Martin, has been raised around Siamese since he was a baby.  Martin is now a teenager and loves the cats just as much.  He is very helpful in their care and socialization.

    For fifteen years, I raised unregistered, unpedigreed, applehead Siamese strictly as household pets.  Honda was a beloved member of our family the entire time.  She died of breast cancer and her daughter, Duchess, died of complications related to pregnancy shortly thereafter.  We were heartbroken.  Sandy and Kevin Kolb of Kolb Siamese came to the rescue and brought Isobel into our lives.

    Isobel was our first registered Siamese and very much a lady.  Kevin commented that they had been thinking of showing her but I had never even been to a cat show so I called someone from the American Cat Fanciers Association to ask about it.  The lady was not at home so I asked her husband if he knew anything about showing a cat.  Unbeknownst to me, he was Jack Brown, a respected ACFA judge.  He patiently and kindly explained how to go about entering and showing the cat.  I dived right in and entered the next show.  When my cat received rosettes in six of the eight rings, I was hooked!  Isobel has three sisters, all of whom are quad-grand champions.

    Isobel became a grand champion and I began to think of finding her a mate.  Enter Lois Koblizek of Koblizek Siamese.  Lois had a lovely blue point boy that I named Sir Geoffrey.  Geoff also became a grand champion and ACFA Inter-American Best Blue Point Siamese Kitten for 2003-2004.  Isobel became ACFA Inter-American Best Blue Point Cat for 2003-2004.

    Geoff and Isobel have become the proud parents of beautiful kittens who are now available to select loving human companions.

Contact Information:

Nancy Broertjes

(219) 887-1248


Pet Accessories

In an effort to further spoil my beloved pets, I began to collect ideas for products they might enjoy.  I now craft, in my non-smoking home, the following items which are available for sale in limited colors and quantities:   hanging cage shelves , hanging cat beds, cat sacks with drawstrings.  Contact me for availability of colors and patterns.

Hanging Cage Shelf

Watch periodically for new items!